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Explanation of Text books

Request an explanatory session for a particular text book

  • 2 hr
  • 1,500 Indian rupees
  • Online Session

Service Description

Choose any of the following books: 1. Books of Muhammad ibn Abu Bakr (more commonly known as Ibn Qayyim or Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyyah) (1292-1350CE / 691 AH- 751 AH) Miftaahu Daar is-Sa'aadah (Key to the Abode of Happiness) Provisions for the Hereafter (Zaad Al-Ma'ad) The Way to Patience & Gratitude Uddat as-Sabrin wa dhakhirat ash-shakrin Al-Fawaid (A Collection Of Wise Sayings) 2. Books of Shaykh al-Islam Taqi ud-Din Abu'l-Abbas Ahmad Ibn al-Halim ibn Abd al-Salam Ibn Taymiyah 661 AH- 728 AH Gardens of Purification Al-Aqeedat-il-Wasitiyah Kitab Al-Iman Al Furqan (The Friends of Allah & The Friends of Shaytan) Tafrij Al Kurub (The Relief From Distress) The Goodly Word - Al Kalim al Tayyib 3. Ibn Al Kathir's books (Abu Al-Fida, 'Imad Ad-Din, Isma'il bin 'Umar bin Kathir, Al-Qurashi, Al-Busrawi Tafseer of Juzz Amma Stories of The Qur'an Al-Sira Al-Nabawiyya (Prophet's Biography) The Spiritual Cure, An Explanation To Surah Al Fatihah Book of the End - Great Trials & Tribulations The Signs Before the Day of Judgement The Islamic View of Jesus Dajjal The False Messiah Biographies of the Rightly-Guided Caliphs (Most of the above have been taken from the voluminous book Al bidayah Wa An Nihayah) 4. Books of Imam Ibn Rajab al Hanbali (736 - 795 AH) The Journey of the Strangers Tahqiq kalimah Al ikhlas (The Key to Paradise- An explanation of the testimony of faith) At Takhwif Minan Nar (Fleeing From The Fire) Nuru'l-lqtibas fi Mishqat Wasiyah al-Nabi Li Ibn 'Abbas (The Legacy of the Prophet- An explanation of his advice to Ibn Abbas) Jami'al Ulum Wal Hikam (A Collection of Knowledge and Wisdom) Fadl Al Ilm As Salaf 'Ala Ilm Al Khalaf (The Excellence of Knowledge of the Salaf Over the Khalaf) Al Mahajjah fi Sayr Al Duljah (The Journey to Allah- An explaination of the Hadith "your actions alone wont save you..." Sharh Hadeeth Maa Dhi`baan Jaa`I’aan.. (The Evil of Craving for Wealth and Status- An Explaination of the Hadith of two hungry wolves) Khushu' (The Humility in Prayer) Bid'ah Taqwa: The Provision of Believers Al Ghurabah (The Strangers)

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To cancel or reschedule, please contact us at least 48 hours in advance.

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